Bobtail Medium to Large Dog Food 8kg


Bobtail Natures best, Bobtail Medium to Large Dog Food is a complete food that has the right combination of animal-based protein, cereals, and vitamins and minerals to ensure a long and healthy life for your dog
– Healthy skin and coat
– Strong teeth and bones
– Health immune system
– Muscle strength and agility
– The right combination of animal-based protein
– Ensures a long and healthy life for your dog


Nutritional Information

Guranteed analysis (g/kg)
Protein 190 (min.)
Moisture 100 (max.)
Fat 90 (min.)
Fibre 40 (max.)
Ash 80 (max.)
Calcium 14 (max.)
Phosphorus 9 (min.)
Omega 6 Fatty Acids 9 (min.)


Cereals (min. 4% rice), meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, fats and oils, vegetable protein extract, natural flavourants and colourants, essential vitamins and minerals, approved antioxidant.

Feeding Guidelines

When introducing your dog to Bobtail® Nature’s Best™ from another dry dog food, allow about one week for the transition. Start by feeding a 30:70 blend, and each day increase the ratio of Bobtail® Nature’s Best™ to existing food until your dog’s diet is 100% Bobtail® Nature’s Best™.

1 cup = 125g
Size of dog Weight of dog (kg) Daily requirements (grams)*
Small Up to 20 250 per day
Medium 20 – 40 250 – 500g per day
Large 40+ 500 – 750g per day

A bowl of fresh water should be available at all times.

*Note: The information supplied is just a guideline, and has been researched and compiled by Bobtail® ’s veterinarians. Should your dog show any symptoms of problems with the digestive tract, or any sudden change in weight, we urge you to consult your veterinarian immediately. The recommended diet should also form part of a healthy canine lifestyle containing sufficient amounts of physical exercise and regular check-ups with your trusted veterinarian.

Weight 8 kg

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  1. Tawanda

    My Boarbel loves this!

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