Marltons Wild Bird Seed 2kg


Marltons Wild Bird Seed is specially formulated to attract Wild Birds to your garden bird feeders and bird feeding stations using the nest bird food for wild birds.

The mixture of yellow millet and wild millet is especially preferred by wild birds and is also the best bird food to serve in winter as the produce for millet does not decrease during winter.

With Marltons Wild Bird Seed, at the price of cheap bird seed you can get the quality of the best bird food.

To serve, simply disperse the seeds onto the ground where wild birds can freely feed or place the seeds in your garden bird feeders or other types of bird feeding stations like wall seed feeders.


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Attract a range of wild birds to your garden by providing them with Marlton’s Garden Seed Mix. You can use the Marlton’s garden bird seed mix in a bird feeder to attarct and feed any wild birds that pass by your garden. featuring a range of seeds, you can attract a wide range of birds with this garden bird seed mix. Wild birds are in a constant need for a reliable food source, bird feeders with a mixture of seeds are a very useful to have in your back garden to help keep them well fed.

Weight 2 kg


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