Rogz Frisby

An interactive toy for throwing and catching with your dog.


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  • Aerodynamic design with space holes and counter weight cavity – ensures a steady flight path when the toy is thrown
  • The three different sized holes across the toy allow for easy pickup –  no matter the size or age of the dog
  • Perfect for water games as it floats, enabling the dog to chase it into the water and retrieve it from the water
  • Bright colours give the toy maximum visibility so it is not easily lost when thrown for the dog to retrieve
  • Soft and lightweight – it is comfortable for mouth catching and carrying, without causing damage to teeth or gums
  • The toy is odour resistant, antimicrobial and UV resistant
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • The material it is made from – SST Foam – is one part car tyre, so it is a durable toy for throwing and catching – but not chewing!
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